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Other Servcies

Service Tax

Centre government is empowered to tax goods upto the production and services. So, registration of Service Tax Number is a necessity which further requires “Service Tax Return”. All the documentation is done by the advice of expertise in bringing the best results out of it and with full credence we provide the best solution in the effective manner by collectively making the tax return as low as possible


Excise duty is an indirect tax, imposed upon the commodities produced and consumed in India. These are the goods which are produced in one country and also consumed in the same country. Filing Excise return seems challenging but by shaking hands with our company it makes your work easy with all the documentation work that is done in a systematic manner by our professional experts and is provided to the client by the earliest.

IEC Code (Import Export Code)

For Import or Export you need IEC code without which you will neither be able to do import nor export. IEC code is the first checkpoint for Import/Export of the goods. We provide you with the quickest and the reliable means. So, that it doesn’t put breaks on your business and you can import/export accordingly.We will also take care of the documentation process involved, making your work stress free.